H.I.T.T Consulting


H.I.T.T. Consulting

It is not just a name, it represents our core values.  We build relationships with our clients that help them change the way they do business.

Our years of building digital marketing strategies designed to help our clients succeed is the foundation of H.I.T.T.

The relationship with PlaybookBuilder has given us the tools and resources to help clients more efficiently implement change and grow their business.

Robert Frieling, Founder

Founder Robert Frieling


Robert is an experienced professional who specializes in analyzing business practices and designing plans to help his clients meet their goals. 

Successful partnerships have developed with business owners who are aggressive about growth and willing to blaze new trails.

He has an MBA from the University of Michigan with an emphasis in marketing.  He has owned his own insurance agency and is active in the digital marketplace.  

Robert has, throughout his career, seen the tremendous impact technology has had on businesses.  

This has shaped his philosophy that the businesses that will be the most successful are those who can balance valuing both technology and the personal talents of their people.