Customized Marketing

H.I.T.T. provides fractional executive marketing services as independent contractors for your business, either working with your internal team or utilizing external resources.

For clients who are not happy with their internal results, consulting services are offered to review and analyze their marketing strategies.

Building and implementing a marketing strategy is only the beginning. Playbookbuilder allows you to train and monitor your marketing and sales efforts to ensure success.



A playbook is a place to house videos (of you, your team, or third party content), files (like PPTs, PDFs, Excel and Word documents), links to outside websites, quizzes, and even QR codes to create a continuous learning environment.  But Playbook’s biggest advantage is its’ startlingly simple user interface.  If you’ve ever used a traditional LMS - we’re sorry - and we know you’ll love Playbook’s intuitive, beautiful and easy-to-author toolset.  

PlaybookBuilder leverages time, team, and technology so growing companies can simplify, accelerate and improve everything.

Industries that H.I.T.T. has worked with

  • Capital goods manufacturer
  • Retail snow plow dealer
  • Construction companies
  • Insurance companies and agencies
  • Supply industries
  • Hospitality
  • Senior living / care